No financial barriers
or roadblocks

Just like mobile phone plans, our payment plans mean no upfront investment. Instead, clients pay in instalments, while cutting their energy costs by up to 60% from day one.

Compelling business cases
– in minutes!

Our instant proposal builders allow you to deliver convincing calculations, comparative graphs and compelling success stories to your prospects. Quickly and easily.

Fast approvals and payments

With our online systems, your prospects can receive pre-approval on the spot (for contracts up to $150K*). No extensive customer details or financials to collect. Better yet, you receive 100% payment within 48 hours of installation.

Four simple steps – that’s all it takes

We’ve created a new and better way for your clients to buy the equipment they need to cut their power bills. What’s more, you receive 100% payment within 48 hours of installation. And if it’s a large job, we can arrange progress payments too.


Proposal and

Use our online tools to build your proposal and prepare your prospect’s payment plan application.



Submit your prospect’s application and get pre- approval within 5 minutes (for contracts up to $150K).



You install the equipment and then send your invoice and supporting documents to Energy Ease.



We process your payment – and send it to you within 48 hours!

Our competitive payment plans

For equipment valued at $3K to $5M
Up to 10 year terms
$0 upfront
Payments may be fully tax deductable

Subject to credit criteria and approval.

Equipment we fund

Solar power
& storage
Efficient lighting
Voltage optimisation & power factor
Chillers, boilers
Power generators

Compare our other energy efficient equipment and solar financing options

In addition to our payment plans, Energy Ease also offers other financing options for solar and energy efficient equipment.

Power Purchase
Agreements (PPA)

A long-term contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system installed at your client’s premises.

Electricity is charged at agreed prices for the contract term  (7-30 years).

It suits organisations who need large or multi-site solar systems, and without the headache of maintenance or monitoring.

Performance Guarantee
Agreement (PGA)

A PGA offers all the benefits of a payment plan – plus more.

With a PGA you also receive a performance guarantee on your system’s electricity generation.

PGAs are only available through select Energy Ease premium installers.

Loan / chattel

Your clients get the equipment and depreciate it on their balance sheet.

A mortgage is then taken out as security for the loan.

After your client’s contract ends, they get clear title to the equipment.

Installer & supplier success stories

Here are some recent projects our partners have completed – thanks to an Energy Ease payment plan.


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